Because writing involves researching, revising, and developing ideas, it’s important to write multiple versions, or drafts of your paper. A draft is a first pass at a paper; it doesn’t need to flow perfectly, so don’t spend too long refining the way you are wording each sentence. Here are some pointers for writing a first draft:

  • Work from your outline and tackle each section and sub-section from a content perspective.
  • Make sure you use citations when drafting that appropriately represent the sources you have used. Even if you devise some abbreviated style of referencing for this first draft, it is important that you include this information rather than leaving it for later edits.
  • Take at least 24 hours off after completing your first draft so that you can begin the editing and redrafting process with a fresh mind. Remember that it is common to produce multiple drafts before settling on a version that you will hand in, and that the biggest key to success is allowing enough time to get through each revision.