Further Resources

We hope that you find our resources helpful and are able to develop your science writing skills by putting them into practice. If you would like to see resources on specific topics that are not currently covered, please let us know by filling out our feedback form.

We could continuously add new resources and still not cover everything, so we have compiled links to further reading that may prove helpful to budding science writers and science students. These appear with links to related material on the ScWRL site, where it exists:

ScWRL YouTube Channel

Understanding Assignments and Assignment Language

Researching a Topic

Finding and Evaluating Different Sources

Citing Sources and Using Citation Managers

Planning, and Using Outlines

Reorganizing and Revising Writing

Incorporating Tables and Figures in Your Writing

Dealing with Scientific Uncertainty in Writing

Building Confidence as a Writer

Blogging, Using Multimedia, and Copyright Issues

Writing Journalistic Articles