Quick Quizzes

We have designed a number of quick quizzes, which can be accessed by following the links below, to give you an idea of how well you have grasped the important concepts relating to the specific topics that they assess.

In all cases, we encourage you to read the associated resources before attempting to complete the quizzes, because the material in the resources emphasizes the most important concepts we hope to clarify. Many of the resources also include short videos that reinforce the more challenging concepts.

We hope that you will find the quizzes useful and encourage you to complete them all to try to hone your science writing skills.

Resources with Quick Quizzes:

Comparisons and Descriptions

  • 1) Does the following sentence contain a metaphor or a simile?
    Designing our Grammar Squirrel video resources was no walk in the park.
  • 2) Does the following sentence contain a metaphor or a simile?
    Having said that, it was a lot of fun, like working on a group project with enthusiastic colleagues.
  • 3) Does the following sentence contain a metaphor or a simile?
    However, in terms of whether the videos are useful for students, the proof will be in the eating.

Producing Effective Tables and Figures

Take this quick quiz to check to see if you are a wizard at producing effective tables and figures.

  • Decide whether the following four situations are better suited to displaying data in a figure or a table.

Grammatical Device in STEM

  • 1) Does the following sentence show the correct use of the indefinite and definite articles? Note: If incorrect, think about how you would re-write them correctly.
  • 2) Does the following sentence mix tenses? Note: If they do, think about how you could re-write them to make sure they were in the same tense.
  • 3) Which form of the verbs should be used to fill in the gaps in the following sentences?

Mechanics and Punctuation

Numbers and Units