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Lift-off for JEMI+ – an international undergraduate journal

Lift-off for JEMI+ – an international undergraduate journal

By David Oliver In 2001, UBC spearheaded a new type of laboratory course. The vision was to create an educational experience that would immerse undergraduates in research – students would learn by doing real science! The course was structured around ongoing projects. Each term student teams would develop an independent research question, draft a proposal, […]

How do you get that writing done?

By Stephen J. A. Ward Academics and other friends frequently ask me: You are a writing juggernaut. How do you get it all done – your books, chapters, online columns? What’s your secret? One answer: I need to get a life. Another answer: I have more time to write than you. I am retired. But […]

Wooing our future science communicators – an instructor’s journey (part 1)

By Elizabeth Scherman When I was six years old, my mother shook me awake from a sound sleep. She led me, pajama-clad and rubbing my eyes, to our back yard. The Perseid meteor shower was at its peak, and my father did not want one member of our family to miss it. I never wanted […]